Cashew, Pennywort, Curry Leaf, Holy Basil Crunch

One of my favorite Breakfasts include Avocado Toast with this amazing, delicious and super nutritious topping. In fact, I’ll put this on almost anything knowing that I’m supporting my brain and body while boosting my immune system and fighting cancer and other diseases.
The recipe is simple. Mash an avocado on top of toast, lightly sprinkle with black salt (any raw salt will work), heavily sprinkle with Cashew, Pennywort (optional), Curry Leaf, Holy Basil Crunch. Add tomato and/or sprouts or anything else that sounds good to you.
Just a few reasons I eat this;
1. Avocados are high in oleic acid and fiber. Therefore, they fight cancer as w ell as many other diseases.
2. Cashews help maintain bone health and brain functioning, both things I focus on.
3. Holy Basil is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory
4. Curry leaves are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and fights cancer (unfortunately runs in my family)
5. Pennywort boosts the immune system and is considered an excellent brain food.,up%20the%20healing%20of%20wounds.
Chef Jeff has perfected this topping recipe and you find it in our store.