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Best country to live after the reset?

Christopher Kelly
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Which country do you think will fare "best" over the next 5 to 10 years? If you could move to any country in the world, which would it be?

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Susan Vaicekavicius
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The answer depends on many things.  In order to expatriate, you have to have a reason to live in your proposed country.  Americans aren't usually just "welcome" to live anywhere.  Keep in mind that the objective of the PTB is to make the whole world more or less equal economically.  That's a long way down for the US.  Personally I chose Eastern Europe because after the fall of the Soviet Union, the PTB put these countries exactly where they wanted them and held them there.  The consequence it that they aren't really monkeying with them anymore and there's lots of freedom to just live life without interference. The people don't have a lot but they know how to survive and live within their means. For the moment, the US dollar goes much much farther here also, so it's easy to buy a house with cash, build a homestead and get prepped.

Christa Proctor
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Sorry, what is the PTB?  

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Elizabeth Taddiken
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@christa I'm guessing "Powers that Be"?

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