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Dehydrated Food - Best options out there?

Christa Proctor
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Has anyone invested in a 3-month supply of pre-packaged, dehydrated foods?  We have started a garden, but it's very slow in coming (we're newbies and have a steep learning curve).  Want to purchase 3 month supply of dehydrated food for each person in our household just to be prepared.  What are your experiences and recommendations?

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Celeste Souza
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I have purchased Numanna products as they are not gmo and previously you could buy organic.  They have a sample pack i have tried while camping and it is not bad at all.  

I have done extensive research on this regarding portions and the actual products we’d be consuming.

Couple tips:

Portions can be misleading - we may think were actually getting full meals and that is not always the case in a sense - i recommend paying attention to details.

Organic or not GMO is important to me and creative marketing can be misleading - i recommend reading the fine print here as well.

Good Luck!

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