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Fall Gardening

Susan Vaicekavicius
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What's everyone planning for a fall/winter garden?  I'm in zone 6b Lithuania and have just transplanted Swiss Chard, Kale, Cabbage, Beets into the greenhouse.  Outside is Kohlrabi, Daikon radish, Turnips, Kale, Carrots and Beets.  Last year we harvested Kale and Brussels Sprouts right through the winter, down to about -10C, snow and all.

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Jacqueline Cassell
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That settles it! I'm moving to Lithuania. A bit of an adjustment, but I'm nothing, if not hearty. ; ) 

Celeste Souza
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I want a greenhouse!  That’s the plan...

In the meantime, i am playing with my patio garden. Ive had great luck so far this year with carrots, cucumbers, beets, radish, strawberries and sugar peas.

I have more sugar peas, beets, radish, onion and celery for the fall. Well see how that goes as the weather changes.

im just excited with my success so far - my thumbs are newly green. Yay!

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