Five Easy Cut Flowers to Grow

Five Easy Cut Flowers to Grow

Cut flowers are a wonderful way to add color, texture, and beauty to a landscape, garden, or in a home. Cut flowers are distinguished by their ability to have a long vase life: retaining their shape, petals, and form after being cut from the plant. There are many types of cut flowers; here are some of the easiest to grow and maintain: Sunflowers, Zinnias, Calendulas, Stock, and Snapdragons. 


Sunflowers are a summer favorite, their bright golden flower heads grow stunningly tall and can add height and bursts of color to a garden. Sunflowers are fast-growing, having flowers in about three months after sowing seed. Unlike more delicate flowers, sunflowers can be direct-seeded when the soil is warmer in the late spring. Every year, there are more and more varieties of sunflowers on the market, with yellow, pink, orange, white, and black colorations, flower heads that are small or large, and varieties that are fluffy rather than the traditional petal formation. This variety allows everyone to have a sunflower that can work into their landscape. 

A few things to remember: Sunflowers can grow tall, up to twelve feet, so keep this in mind when adding them to a landscape. Sunflowers also require full sun, so plant them in an area that gets plenty of sunlight. Cut flowers when the bloom is fully open but before the bloom starts to loose petals from the head.


Zinnias are a favorite at The Jewel of Encanto Farm; they are a hardworking flower that consistently blooms from the heat of summer to the first frost. Zinnias are easy to sow and can be directly seeded after the last frost; they will continue to grow and produce flowers until the first frost. Zinnias come in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns making them an interesting garden plant and cut flower. 

A few things to remember: Zinnias take on a more bushy growth habit, so give them enough space in the landscape to spread and grow outward; they look best when planted closely together. Deadhead your zinnias by snipping off old flower heads; this will generate new growth and keep your zinnias looking sharp!


Calendulas are a fun and smaller cut flower that are also edible. Calendulas can be grown in the fall or spring, they are fast growing, and they have a smaller growth habit. Calendulas are yellow or orange in coloration and add a splash of color to a vase, or your favorite dish!


Stock is a cut flower that looks wonderful added to a floral arrangement. Stock is a single stalk cut flower- meaning that each seed will create one main stalk and may create smaller side stalks. This means that density is important when growing stock flowers; seeds or transplants should be planted close together to give a full effect to the flowers while growing. Stock can also have a tendency to bend while it grows;  you can use a plastic grid or string to force the stalks of the flowers straight up. Stock can be grown in the late summer/early fall or after the last frost of spring.

A few things to remember: Stock can be biennial meaning it can produce flowers one year and set seeds the second year. It is very easy to collect the seed pods of the stock flower and then continue to plant the seeds year after year. There are single and double petaled flowers, the double is a favorite of the Jewel of Encanto Farm because of their full and fluffy growth habit. 


Snapdragons are a wonderful cut flower to have in your garden; with their bright colors and distinct cone-like shape, they are a wonderful addition to a cutting garden. Snapdragons can be planted in the spring and late summer. They require full sun and they benefit from having their stalks guided upright. 

A few things to remember: Snapdragons do not often retain the same beauty or floral standards when grown as a biennial or allowed to reseed themselves. It is best to start with new seeds every year.


These five flowers are wonderful additions to any garden and make beautiful cut flowers!