How to Properly Store Freshly Laid Eggs!

Did you know that freshly laid eggs from your backyard poultry do not have to be put away in the refrigerator?

When a hen lays an egg, a protective coating surrounds the egg shell. This coating is called the bloom. The bloom is the outer layer made of a protein that covers the pores of the egg, protecting it from bacteria. For several months the bloom will protect the egg from outside contaminants.

Why are eggs refrigerated in the store? By law, commercial egg producers have to wash and sort each egg by size and weight.  Because the egg is washed, the bloom layer disappears.  Without this protection, the store bought eggs must be kept refrigerated for food safety reasons.

Eggs from the grocery store can be refrigerated already for 8 weeks before you even buy them. That’s not appealing to me. There’s a reason freshly laid eggs taste so amazing, it’s fresh!  I’ve read it’s safe to keep eggs out from anywhere from one week, to a month and even up to three months. Let’s take a look at your home environment first for you to make your own decision on how long to keep eggs out.  If it’s hot, like it is here in Phoenix Arizona I would not let the eggs sit out for longer than one month.  Is there condensation or humidity where you live? That can affect the freshness of your eggs and ruin the bloom.

What happens if you have so many eggs being laid and you maybe want to save them for the following months or perhaps even the end times?  There are a couple different methods you can use to store eggs long term.

The first method is called water glassing eggs. In this method you use hydrated or pickling lime in a bucket of water. You set the eggs in the liquid and keep them upright until you need an egg. You pull the eggs out you need, wash and use for consumption.  Supposedly eggs can be kept this way for up to 6 years.  Here’s a great video that describes how to use this method, 

Another historical method is to use mineral oil.  Dip the egg in mineral oil, set the dipped eggs in the egg cartons and store in the refrigerator.  It’s been rumored that eggs will keep for 8 years using this method.

Here’s a fun video of historical ways eggs were kept for long term storage.

To end about proper egg storage for freshly laid eggs, please make sure eggs are fully clean. Inspect the eggs for cracks, hairline or dents, and make sore the eggs are free from debris or fecal matter. 

Here at The Jewel of Encanto Farm, we eat our eggs almost as soon as they are laid.  Freshly laid eggs are a hot commodity, I think we might need more chickens!!