In the Kitchen with Chef Jeff

Meet Chef Jeff, my personal help and guru, in my personal kitchen.  Chef Jeff harvests from my urban farm to create, vegan, no add oil receipts!  When Chef Jeff is in the garden, he looks for peak freshness.  He wants to give each plant full respect for what it has been though.  It is not easy to cultivate the earth, plant the seed, water the produce, care for it, and get it to the harvest stage.  It takes time and a lot of caring toward the plant and its environment.  There is also a huge amount of effort that goes into the farm to table process.

When cooking for me, Chef Jeff tweaks yummy receipts to include what was harvested from the garden. He concentrates on foods and ingredients that are nutrient dense.  He also adds seeds and nuts, and other healthy additives, like nutritional yeast, whenever possible.

Recipes and foodie pictures from Chef Jeff……coming soon!