Property Security with Water Cannons

Let’s think outside of the box in how to protect your property and assets. The use of water cannons would surprise any intruder. Who wants to get sprayed and wet when you least expect it?

A water cannon according to Wikipedia is a device that shoots a high velocity stream of water, often over several meters.  Here at the Jewel of Encanto Farm we use several to protect our fish from any type of predator bird that would grab them from the pond. The water cannons are motion activated and hook up directly to a water source. Anything that passes in its view will get a high stream of water shot at them. 

Water cannons are a great protection barrier. Predators, dogs and employees have all been hit by the water cannon here at the Farm, it does not discriminate! Imagine someone sneaking onto your property, and then, bam, the water cannon goes off and hits them with cold water. Intruders will go running away. You can use them to protect animals, bees, crops, your house: any asset you have.  

Here is a link of a water cannon similar to what we use at Jewel of Encanto Farm

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