Sugar Cane vs. White Sugar Equivalent

Fresh sugar can juice should be consumed within an hour of milling.  This will be the most efficient way to ingest the maximum nutrients in the juice.  If that is not possible, fresh sugar cane juice has a three day “shelf life” in the fridge.  Always shake well before drinking.  If you are swapping white granulated sugar with fresh sugar cane juice, make sure you evaporate the sugar cane juice.  Evaporated sugar cane is a 1:1 ratio to white sugar if you are using it in a recipe.  If you are using the liquid 1 tsp = 2-4 grams of white sugar.  Sugar cane juice is far less processed and does not include the pesticides and drug resistant bacteria that white sugar contains.  For more benefits of fresh sugar cane, check out our blog about the “Benefits of Sugar Cane Juice”.