Why YOU Need a Pond

Why YOU Need a Pond

By Laura Ungvary


Having a pond in your yard will yield you many benefits, most of which fulfill our mantra here at the Jewel of Encanto Farm: food, water, (shelter), energy, (security), barterability (wealth preservation), and community.

One of the first benefits we feel a pond has is the energy it creates. Our environment can improve or worsen our stress levels. Let’s create a beautiful environment that radiates positive energy that can help us fulfill the life we are meant to live.

Your pond can easily be filled with food in multiple layers. On the surface you can grow plants that provide fiber and vitamins, such as pennywort, hyacinths, water spinach, and  lettuces and herbs using aquaponics. In the water, fish such as tilapia or freshwater prawns can provide you with protein for your meals. Your pond can easily fill your dietary needs. The picture below is of our pond for our baby tilapia.

Here at the Jewel of Encanto Farm we have converted the swimming pool into a giant natural pond. With this conversion we have eliminated harsh chemicals and created a natural environment for ourselves, our plants and animals.  Have you ever wondered where you will get water if our water is turned off by the cities? With thousands of gallons of natural water in our own backyard we can purify and provide our own clean water using the Berkey water filter. The Berkey provides reliable and user friendly water purification at home from any fresh water source.  Here is the link to check out the water purifier for your family,

During these unpredictable times a pond can help with your barterability.  While maintaining your pond by growing vegetables and fish you can barter your products. You can exchange the products from your pond for other products or services you might need to survive and thrive during such uncertain times.

One of the best aspects for me is the community the pond creates and helps to build.  We love to swim in our pond with family and friends, which is our first photo in this article.  Neighbors love to stop by and see how the pond is and to see which ducks and fish are enjoying the water.  This Thanksgiving we were able to sit outside and enjoy the pond during our family meal.  The pond helps to create and add to our community through it’s beauty and products.

I hope you can understand the importance of having a pond. Having a pond helps to fulfill our mantra here at the Jewel of Encanto Farm by creating energy, food, water, barterability and community.